SAFETY: Safety has always been primary focus at Camp Gan Israel.

  • For reasons of safety and liability, a child who is NOT enrolled in CGI may not be dropped off and left at CGI. 
  • For reasons of safety and liability, NO child may leave camp with anyone other than a parent, legal guardian or someone who has been authorized by phone call or text to Rabbi Yoni 206-851-9831. 
  • We expect parents to read all camp communications in a timely manner and if a response is requested, we expect parents to respond promptly. 
  • COVID SAFETY: CGI will be adhering to the CDC and AAP’s COVID-19 regulations. We are working with a COVID-19 advisor, and camp’s COVID-19 policy/guideline will be distributed prior to camp.

Wellness & Cleanliness:

Upon Arrival: Counselors will pass each child through a wellness check, ensure each child uses hand sanitizer or hand washing, ensure each child is properly wearing a face mask, and monitor social distancing for the duration of camp time. Prior to arrival at CGIS, campers and staff will have to participate in a daily health screening form. The form must be completed for each child in attendance prior to dropoff. The link and QR code will be attached to our daily email.

Staffing: All our counselors are experienced camp counselors and/or teachers. Each group will be supervised by at least two counselors throughout the day.

Safety Tags: Each counselor wears a tag with each child’s important information including contact numbers, swimming levels, allergies and special needs. In case of emergency, parents or emergency contacts will be contacted immediately. 

Camp T-shirts: All children must wear camp t-shirts every day so that our campers are easy to identify. Camp T-shirts will be distributed during the day on the first day of camp.