The CGIS Scholarship Application is handled within the registration process.

Requests for assistance must be submitted by May 31, 2023
Registration must be completed and $50 registration fee paid to be able to receive financial aid.


Option 1)

Payment Plan

At Camp Gan Israel we understand the challenge of paying the tuition price all at once, or even paying it all before the summer, therefore we can allow postdated checks through September, or scheduled credit card payments via our camp system, making the tuition payment more manageable. You will not need to talk to anyone from the financial committee in order to be eligible for this payment plan. Once you register, payment plans will be available to you. Text Rabbi Yoni (206-851-9831) with preferred payment dates and amounts.

Option 2)

10% Discount.

This will entitle your family to a 10% discount in tuition cost. To receive this discount please fill out the Scholarship Application within the registration process and the financial committee will review your application. Once approved, you will receive your discount code.

Option 3)

Further Discount

If the first two options are not sufficient, when you fill out the scholarship application, let us know your situation, and someone from our Financial Committee will contact you. 

Click link below to register for camp and apply for a scholarship: 

Please Note: There is a finite amount funds available for scholarships and we try to use our scholarship funds to cover as many children as possible so they all can experience the fun, friendship and inspiring experience, that Camp Gan Israel is known for.